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Below are a few questions commonly asked by our clients.

Who should I report workplace harassment to?

Harassment in the workplace creates a hostile work environment and should not be tolerated. The first step is to report harassment to your human resources department. If the harassment does not stop, our firm can be an advocate for your rights.

How do I make sure my rights are protected during a police traffic stop?

The law enforcement officer needs probable cause to pull you over, and they should tell you why you got pulled over. Police also need probable cause to search your vehicle. To minimize the chance of a confrontation, you should follow the police officer’s directions, including getting out of your vehicle if the officer asks you to. Cooperation is key, so be ready to show your license and registration. You do have the right to record the stop with your phone. If you get taken to jail by law enforcement, remember that you have the right to remain silent. If you feel that your rights may have been violated, call us for a consultation.

What are my rights when my company is terminating me, giving me 72 hours to sign a severance agreement?

First of all, if the severance agreement has language regarding such things as confidentiality policies, noncompete agreements or liability of the company or employee, you need to get it reviewed by an attorney. Second, if you are over 40, the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act gives you 21 days to sign a severance agreement. If you already signed the agreement, Texas law guarantees you the right to revoke the signature within seven days of signing. The bottom line is that this type of document is binding. To ensure protection of your rights, consult Ellwanger Law about the agreement.

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