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Having wage and hour issues at work?

Ellwanger Law​ fights for justice. Our attorneys have decades of experience defending the rights of employees who have individual and class-wide wage and hour claims.

Federal and state laws govern the minimum wage every worker is entitled to receive. These laws also identify which workers are entitled to receive overtime pay for working longer hours. Unfortunately, some employers take advantage of workers and try to trade overtime pay for time off or put a worker on salary to avoid overtime wages.

The lawyers of Ellwanger Law​ have been involved in national class action lawsuits involving thousands of clients relating to federal and state wage and hour laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). Examples of FLSA violations include failure to pay overtime, failure to pay minimum wage, misclassification as a contract worker or salary worker, denial of breaks, and insufficient time for meal periods.

If you have been denied the pay you’re owed, Ellwanger Law​ stands ready to fight for you. We’re ready to help you recoup all your wages.